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Propeller Studios is your partner in the success of your audio project, creating sound that moves. You have a story to tell, we help you tell it with sound.

Our creative & award winning team is experienced with the highest demands of Feature Film and Network TV, and with Company Messages that inform and sell. We maintain top quality acoustically designed studios, and a dedication to the highest standards.

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Propeller Studios is the merging of two well-established Calgary companies – Sync Spot Digital Audio Post and Twisted Pair Sound Calgary. Separately, each company was highly regarded and very experienced in their own rights. Together, they are unrivalled.

• Complete Audio Production & Post
• Sound Supervision, Sound Design, Sound Editing
• 5.1 Surround Mix
• Voice Over Casting & Recording
• ADR Recording
• ISDN & Phone Patch
• Foley
• Music Supervision & Scoring
• Described Video
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